What Is The Community Pharmacy Agreement

Patients pay a contribution to the cost of their medications to the pharmacist, who then claims from the government the difference between what they paid to the wholesaler and the patient`s contribution. In the year ended June 30, 2014, the Government spent $9.1 billion on drugs listed in the PBS. What exactly sank was regulated by the Community Pharmacy Agreement. The APC was also a response to concerns from the government and the pharmaceutical profession about Australia`s high pharmacy-to-population ratio (much higher than in other Western countries) and the lack of consistency in various financial factors across the profession, including surcharges and fees for dispensing PBS drugs. Negotiations on the Seventh Community Pharmacy Agreement (7CPA) began in 2019. The government originally intended to conclude the negotiations by the end of 2019, but they will now continue until 2020. In addition to the guild, for the first time, the Pharmaceutical Society of Australia (which represents all pharmacists, not just pharmacy owners) will be a co-signatory to the 7CPA. The Department of Health has also consulted with a number of other consumer, pharmaceutical and medical services stakeholders on the policy and financial considerations of the 7CPA, although these stakeholders are not signatories to the agreement. Since its inception 25 years ago, the Community Pharmacy Agreement has aimed to ensure that all Australians have access to PBS-listed medicines, regardless of where they live. Australia`s network of approximately 5,500 community pharmacies has played a crucial role in achieving this goal. The Seventh Community Pharmacy Agreement (7CPA) supports consumer access to pharmaceutical benefits scheme (PBS) subsidised medicines through community pharmacies across Australia. The CPA provides direct financial support ($950 million) to certain pharmaceutical wholesalers for the additional costs they may incur to provide the full range of PBS drugs. This ensures that the entire range is available regardless of the location of the pharmacy and the relative delivery costs.

It also ensures that low-volume PBS drugs, which are often very expensive drugs, are delivered to community pharmacies across Australia within 24 hours. 7CPA aims to improve patient choice and health literacy in access to medications through community pharmacies. Once parliament has passed laws to create the PBS framework, it does not play a direct role in creating or approving the agreement, with pharmacy agreements negotiated between the Minister of Health and the guild coming into effect through a PBRT determination. However, Parliament may be invited to examine the legislation which gives effect to certain matters in Community pharmacy agreements. For example, in 2015, the Legislative Assembly passed the National Health (Pharmacy Benefits) Amendment Bill, 2015, which came into effect on MATTERS FALLING UNDER CPS 6, including the optional one-dollar discount on patient co-payments and the maintenance of pharmacy location rules. .

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