Exhibitor Services Agreement

The exhibitor must install and occupy its surface in accordance with the rules and schedules defined in the Exhibitor service kit. The exhibitor`s aircraft, if any, must comply with the arrival and departure procedures and the schedule set by Show Management. Exhibitions must be designed and operated in a professional manner that respects the rights of other exhibitors and participants and is not contrary to appropriate standards of decency. All stands, exhibition materials and demonstrations must be limited to the exhibitor`s place and must not at any time disturb the movement of the steps. Direct sales in the establishment are strictly prohibited. The issuer must obtain written permission from Show Management and Facility before engaging in any activities that may conflict with the Facility`s insurance policy. The exhibitor may not distribute any promotional or promotional material during the event, with the exception of the exhibitor`s surface or with the written consent of the show management. . . .

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