Collective Tariff Agreement Ii

The termination of work stoppages or work stoppages under this chapter is unconditional, unless the main dispute concerns the right to the fixing of working conditions in the form of a collective agreement in companies where at least half of the employees of the part of the company and/or the category of jobs for which an agreement is requested are affiliated to LO. § 4 RECOVERY OF PREMIUMS, ETC. 1. Premiums are deducted as part of the monthly salary payment. The distribution of the bonus among the unions is based on the number of employees whose wages and working conditions are governed by the agreement of the organization on each monthly date of payment of the salary. 2. The premiums are paid at least every two months to the following addresses: The share of Industri Energi must be paid: for each company, it is essential that the parties find, through discussions, practical forms of participation and participation in accordance with the intentions and provisions of state laws and regulations and agreements. § 1 Objective Of the Agreement, the object of the Agreement is the implementation or support of measures to promote education and training in the fields covered by the Contracting Parties. 3. For all contracts, a written agreement shall be concluded with all relevant information relating to the nature, content and duration of the contract.

It is precisely in companies that have several units under the main agreement that it is important that the coordinating role is adequately resourced. The basic agreement also applies to offshore mobile units that are members of the NSA (registered in Norway) and are in service on foreign shelves, provided that this is mentioned in a collective agreement. 5.1 Annual statement The count with man-years must be made at least once per calendar year on a date set out in the pool contract. Hours billed with a waiting allowance or overtime allowance (for example. B work allowance and compulsory courses during periods of leave, work of more than 12 hours a day and compensation for long visits at sea) are not charged to the year of men. . . .

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