Blanket Agreement` (Ooat)

Among the many new extensions of framework agreements in sap Business One version 9.3 are features that make functionality more flexible, including the possibility: as mentioned above, updates to a master plan are now possible even after a framework contract has been first drafted, instead of having to create a new one. By changing the status to “Pending”, the user has the additional flexibility to change the parameters of the agreement such as the expected amount, unit price or exchange rate if a customer wishes to renegotiate the terms of the agreement after its initial creation. Once updates have been made, users can change their status back to “Approved” and then copy the distribution coverage agreement to a sales order by selecting “Copy After”. The same flexibility is now available for purchased framework contracts, as well as for cases where the user wants to conclude an agreement with a supplier and monitor performance during the year. SAP B1 9.3 offers many welcome features and extensions, including Microsoft Excel`s entry of serial numbers and an advanced GL layout with custom fields, to name a few. Originally introduced in sap Business One Version 8.82, framework contracts are used to manage long-term transactions with customers and allow users to keep relevant information for each party involved. Framework agreement extensions in SAP Business One 9.3 are available in different areas of the global application, including distribution and purchasing. The second area where users find general agreement settings is under Administration > System Initiation > Document Settings. The “Framework agreement” line indicates two control boxes: “Block multiple framework agreements for the same A/P document” and “Block multiple framework agreements for the same A/R document”.

From an administrative point of view, it is important that users familiarize themselves with these settings, as well as all the other parameters to be found here, in order to get the most out of SAP Business One. In the “Details” tab, users can add the expected number of items and the unit price that the customer will pay for each unit. These parameters depend on the purchase of this number of parts by the customer. As soon as the user clicks “Add” and sets the status of the agreement to “Approved”, the framework agreement is created. If a framework agreement already exists in the system, the addition of other agreements first requires that the parameters be configured to allow more than one framework agreement at the same time (see configuration of the framework agreement). Under “Distribution – AR> Distribution Coverage Agreement”, users will find the new improvements. When you click on the “Sales Cover Contract”, a new form will be displayed to create a new Sales Cover Contract. As usual, it is possible to indicate things such as the start and end date, the exchange rate and the alignment of the framework agreement with a given project. Users can also define whether it is a general or specific agreement, specifying the payment terms in such a way that they differ from what the customer pays otherwise and define the shipping method. Before using the new framework agreement extensions in SAP Business One version 9.3, there are a few settings that must first be enabled. These parameters are mainly in two areas. In summary, framework agreements have been significantly improved in version 9.3 of SAP Business One, with many benefits for users, including: before looking at some of these new framework agreement extensions, here you will find an update of the establishment and the addition of a framework agreement in SAP Business One.

Here is the complete list of object types with primary key on B1: It first gave me the array error, now < me a blanket agreement error. Try it, first there were custom values (CSHS) 2 times then Blanket Agreement (OOAT) Call 1-800-155-999 for more details or book our workshop by clicking below…

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