Airline Agency Agreement

All third parties participating in this Agreement shall be assigned and maintained by the Company. Once this Agreement has been concluded, the Parties may agree to extend this Agreement by one year from the closing date. Exclusions. Confidential information held by a receiving party is not covered by the above-mentioned exceptions (b), (c) or (d), and the burden lies with the party receiving evidence to the contrary through registrations and documents. The treatment of confidential information. Each party recognizes the importance of the confidential information of the others. In particular, each Party acknowledges and agrees that the confidential information of the other Party is essential to their respective activities and that neither Party would conclude the travel agent`s ticketing contract without ensuring the protection of such information and its value, as provided for in that provision. Accordingly, each party agrees as follows: (a) the receiving party shall remain strictly confidential any confidential information it receives and will use and authorize confidential information for the sole purpose of the travel agency`s ticketing agreement. The receiving party will expressly order its employees and representatives not to disclose confidential information to third parties without the prior written consent of the disclosed party, including, but not limited to, customers, subcontractors or consultants; and (d) The party receiving information will immediately notify the disclosed party of any unauthorized disclosure or use and will cooperate with the disclosing party to protect all proprietary rights and ownership of its confidential information.

The company remains the legal owner of all titles, rights and interests in the property as well as all materials made available for the conclusion of this agreement. . . .

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